Concrete Admixtures


Concrete Admixtures are the range of products added to improvise the properties of Concrete or Mortar. The products comprise of Cement modifiers, plasticisers, waterproofing additives to special Fibers.

concrete admixtures

Mcon NP (Concrete Admixtures)

concrete admixtures

MCON NP is a Normal Plasticiser for concrete upto the grade of M30 with water reduction of 20%. It confirms to IS 9103 and ASTM C 494.  It is chloride free

Mcon SP

concrete admixtures

MCON SP is a high range Super Plasticiser that is suitable for concrete upto the grade of M45 which gives strong water reduction upto 30% thus giving high density

Mcon SRP

Mcon Rasayan SRP

MCON SRP is a High Range Super Plasticiser cum Slump Retainer for concrete upto the grade of M45. The unique formulation of the product ensures that Concrete

Mcon LW

Mcon Rasayan Mcon LW

MCON LW is an Integral Waterproofing Concrete/Mortar Plasticiser which produces free flowing water tight Concrete. It confirms to IS 9103 and IS 2645

Mcon LWP

Mcon Rasayan Mcon LWP

MCON LWP is a specially developed Waterproof Plaster additive to give a highly workable mortar and prevent the shrinkage cracks. It can be used in mortar

Mcon Fiber

Mcon Rasayan Mcon Fiber

MCON Fiber is 100% Virgin polypropelene fibers to give integral reinforcement to the Concrete and Mortar to make them crack free.

Concrete Admixtures SystemWe have a Admixtures for all your needs be it in ConcreteMortar or some specialised cementitious application.
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